A respite of sorts


23rd October 1914

The Dorsets remained in billets all day, along with the remnants of the Cheshires. At 6.30pm they were assembled and bivouacked for the night, in case of any sudden attack.

The 5th Division had withdrawn to a new position during the night. The 14th Brigade occupied Richebourg to La Quinque Rue. The 13th Brigade held from there to just in front of Festubert. The 15th Brigade held the rest of the line down around the eastern edge of Givenchy to the canal at Pont Fixe. The fighting continued with sniping and shellfire throughout the day as Germans pushed forward in small groups trying to find gaps, as they had done so successfully the previous day. The British line held while Royal Engineers scurried up and down, strengthening the hastily dug entrenchments.

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