Fog on the Aisne


2nd October 1914

The Dorsets left Missy at 12:45am and assembled by company near the Moulin des Roches pontoon bridge. They then crossed back over the Aisne and billeted in Jury. They rested during the day and at 9:30pm the 15th Brigade marched to Droizy, where they met up with the Norfolks once again. The Dorsets must have been a bit rusty as they managed to get lost in the fog, according to Gleichen, but they eventually reached their billets in Launoy at midnight.

Why had the Dorsets slipped away in the night in such secrecy? Rumours were rife as to their destination: Antwerp, Calais and even Great Britain were proposed in conversations throughout the battalion. But no one, not even Gleichen, had any idea where they were going.

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