Promises promises


31st October 1914

The Dorsets marched 13 miles to Strazeele in fine weather. Gleichen caught up with them on his way through to Pradelles a little further on. Here he was

met by a staff officer, Cameron of the 5th Divisional Staff, who gave us the welcome news that we were to rest and recuperate for at least a week—really and truly this time.

Earlier he comments on this promise with a little sarcasm:

I knew those rests.

For the Dorsets, the only semblance of Hallowe’en on this day in 1914 was the nightmare they had left behind. Some respite from the two months of almost continuous fighting would have been very welcome indeed.

Ominously, as the shellfire diminished behind them with every step, a new rumble of guns could be hear away to the north; away to Belgium.



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