Everything of the smallest value stolen


11th September 1914

The Dorsets didn’t leave until 9:25am because they were waiting for supplies, which were late. They marched throughout the day without any sign of the enemy, apart from what damage they had left behind in retreat. The rain continued to fall as the 15th Brigade climbed up to a plateau between the Marne and the Aisne. News came back from the front that the Germans were demoralised. Whether they were remained to be seen, but the Germans were certainly withdrawing along the line facing the BEF.

Once “very comfortable” billets were finally found in Saint-Rémy-Blanzy, Gleichen took up his headquarters in the Curé’s house and reports that “his poor little rooms had been ransacked, drawers and tables upset and their contents littered over the floor, and everything of the smallest value stolen by the Germans.”

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